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Liberal Reform exists within the Liberal Democrats to promote personal liberty and a fair society supported by free, open and competitive markets as the foundation of the party’s policy. Find out more here.

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Destination Unknown

Michael Kitching  @mwkitching I thought it would be helpful to update Liberal Reform Members and Supporters on a little personal quest. Since rejoining the party after the 2019 General Election, having left to try and help set up something new (not Change UK before you ask!) it has become a bit of an obsession of mine […]

Let’s Review the Green Belt and Build More Houses

Ruby Chow* (@doublereds) Yesterday I had the pleasure to summate a motion Liberal Reform put forward to the London Liberal Democrats conference on the urgent need for more house building and in support of an independent review of the Green Belt. Although the motion was heavily amended to the point where it lost almost all […]

Callum Robertson: Proroguing, the PM and the Royal Prerogative

By Callum Robertson, @CRobertson_LD Many will have seen the proroguing of parliament by the Queen on the advice of Boris Johnson, but what does this mean in the micro-environment of these circumstances and what is the wider socio-legal consequence? Our constitution Our constitution is almost unique in its haphazard make-up. It is a system that […]


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