Liberal Reform

Fraser Coppin

Board Member

Fraser has been a member of the Liberal Democrats since 2015. He has recently graduated from the University of Warwick with an MA in Public Policy, and remains on the executive board of Warwick Lib Dems. 

Growing up in Somerset he has witnessed first-hand the neglect of our NHS, the strangling of the housing market, and the challenges posed by seasonal and insecure work. He believes that communities across South-West England have been let down for years by Tory councilors and by Westminster, and that the Lib Dems can offer a different approach. 

Fraser is hugely passionate about policy. His particular interests include creating a fair immigration system, arguing for the benefits of free trade, and promoting civil liberties. Through his role as policy officer at Liberal Reform he wants to advocate truly liberal solutions, which seek to give power back to individuals and their communities, in a direct challenge to the increasingly illiberal two main parties.

As well as this, he also enjoys traveling around the world, the occasional trip to the pub, and is a long-suffering Southampton FC fan.