Liberal Reform has aimed to be a membership-based organisation since it was launched in February last year, and we’re glad that we’re on our way to achieving that. Interim elections will choose four new board members at Lib Dem Spring Conference. Once the board is elected, it will choose two new Co-Chairs from its members.We’ll also be holding a full election of all the board members later in 2013, which the interim board members will help to organise.
Once the board is elected, it will choose two new Co-Chairs from its members. Neither Mike Bird nor Zadok Day will be running for these positions.Mike Bird had this to say:
“I have a huge appreciation for the support we’ve received. At every level, from activists like me, through parish councillors to our ministers of state, the warm reception for a new group has been fantastic. I know that many political groups, especially those set up by young people never really amount to much, which is why I’m so pleased that Liberal Reform is in every way a much stronger organisation now than it was a year ago.I’ve met hundreds of wonderful people in the past thirteen months, many of whom with very similar views to my own. Spreading the message that we previously had fewer avenues for is exactly what I wanted from the project, and I’m glad this has already started happening.I’m moving on to other things as I finish my degree, which will give me less scope for an active involvement in party politics. What I’m most happy about is that I know from the quality of the individuals already running it and the members who have joined that it will continue to go from strength to strength.Special thanks go to all of those who helped, especially in late 2011 when the idea was only embryonic. You all know who you are; I am and will continue to be extremely grateful.”

pantingly Zadok Day added: “Co-chairing Liberal Reform has been a joy, the response received from launch onwards terrific.

I’d like to thank Mike for co-chairing and helping take my idea so far, and of course to Simon, Nick, Alan and Charlotte for being part of a strong team, an engaging, dynamic group full of fresh thinking and liberal values. Like Mike, I want to thank everyone who’s helped us take this forward. However, I need time away from party politics. I’ll be following the board elections with great interest, and look forward to hearing even greater things from Liberal Reform. Currently, if Liberal Reform was a party, I’d happily vote for it; now it’s up to others to continue to push economic liberalism in the party that invented it.”


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