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Today we had the first of our fringe events:  buy Lyrica online india ‘What does a Liberal tax system look like?’, with:

This very topical meeting was very well attended. with a great mixture of expertise to discuss broad liberal principles and in-depth specifics.

We were also happy to have been invited to speak at Lib Dem Voice’s ‘Manifesto 2015’ event too, where Kelly-Marie Blundell spoke for the Social Liberal Forum and Charlotte Henry spoke for us. It was organised by Helen Duffett and Mark Hunter MP chaired the event. It was excellent to show to members that through a good-natured policy discussion, internal groups can help the party.

Interesting Motions Today

Good food shouldn’t cost the earth
Liberal Reform was in favour of very little in this motion, and advocated for its rejection. Sadly it was voted for by conference, though the most damaging element (a proposal to make all food procured publicly at least 30% organic) was removed in an amendment.

Empowering the IPCC
We supported this motion, which makes it Liberal Democrat policy to push for more IPCC power, to ensure that UK policing is more accountable than it currently is.

Equal Citizenship
We supported this motion, which welcomed the introduction of the Universal Credit by the current government, but criticised areas of the DWP’s treatment of individuals drawing disability benefits, proposing reforms to current policy..

Tomorrow’s Motions to Watch

Generating Growth and Jobs in a time of Austerity
Amendment One

This cleverly worded amendment deletes lines from Danny Alexander’s motion on growth and jobs: it calls instead for support for a changed direction in economic policy. Though a small alteration, it changes the substantial message of the motion in a direction which would undermine our work at the Treasury. We recommend voting against the amendment.

Rehabilitation Revolution
We welcome the substance of this motion, along with the recognition contained in it, that increasing competition in provision of a public service can be a good thing.


‘Manifesto 2015’                              ‘What does a Liberal tax system look like?’

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