Tingo María Liberal Reform is planning to publish a series of articles that provide a constructive critique of the Liberal Democrats’ participation in the 2010-15 coalition government. These will be published on the Lantern, Liberal Reform’s blog. The series will identify both the positives and the negatives of our party’s time in government, as well as looking ahead to future changes in policy. By being frank with ourselves the party will be in a better position to meet the formidable challenges that the coming years will present.

Both within and outside the party views on the  coalition, from its inception to the disastrous 2015 election, range from unmitigated disaster, betrayal, to the quite positive. But there were successes which also need recognition. It is clear that many of the negatives can be put down to inexperience in government when up against the hardened Conservative machine.

Before moving beyond the coalition experience it is beneficial to glance back, but with a firm eye on the future of the party and liberalism more generally.

We would like to invite members and supporters of Liberal Reform to be part of this preparation and reinvigoration and to submit articles to this Lantern series. We would ask you to balance criticism, praise and examination of alternatives with factual and grounded contributions. Authors should possess significant knowledge of the policy area they are commenting on, and will need to reference (via links) any substantive claims. We have articles lined up on immigration, education and on foreign aid & international development.  Articles that concentrate on specific policy areas are preferred but we will consider some wider ranging strategic contributions.

We look forward to your submissions. Please contact Robert Johnston at robert.johnston@liberalreform.org.uk to discuss your proposed topic and scope.