Liberal Reform

Michael Kitching

Board Member (Co-opted)

Michael joined the Liberal Democrats in 2005, whilst still at school to get involved with that year's General Election campaign. Following university he worked as an organiser, principally in North Norfolk. Since working for the party he has moved in to full time fundraising, specialising in recent years in political causes.

Having had a brief crisis of confidence in the Liberal Democrats, resigning in early 2018 to be a part of getting a new movement off the ground, he returned following the 2019 General Election. This was because he realised the only way to bring about change was from the inside of one of our existing parties and as a Liberal, it had to be the Liberal Democrats.

Michael believes that our party will be at its strongest if it can unite multiple schools of thought, but that we must not forget that the fight for free markets and free trade were key components in the birth of our Liberal movement.

In his spare time Michael is a season ticket holder at Norwich City, a shareholder in his hometown club, Lincoln City and has a love for the theatre.