Liberal Reform

Dr Robert Johnston

Board Member

Robert Johnson has served on the West Hertfordshire Local Party Executive since 2017, with responsibility for social media. As an ALDES member, Robert was co-organiser of the 2017 ALDES Autumn Conference fringe event on data privacy “Your Data Your Choice” and continues to seek common areas of policy and campaigning with Liberal Reform.  He was elected to the Executive of the East of England Party, to start in 2019.

Professionally, Robert’s background is in theoretical physics, Information Systems research and information security.  He has experience in research and management in universities, government (research facilities) and industry. His career covered work in France, Switzerland and Germany, as well as the UK; speaking reasonable French and German. His  current work includes research and advising start-ups on information security and AI.

His personal views on politics, economics, technology and science are reflected on his twitter account and blog and articles in Lib Dem Voice. He is committed to defend and promote personal liberty and security underpinned by rule of law, constitutional democracy and competitive markets.