Generation Y

Liberal Reform held a fringe event at Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow in October 2014 exploring the views of so-called Generation Y (those aged 18-35), given a range of polling indicating that on a whole range of areas young people are much more liberal than older generations.

Jeremy Browne MP, Paul Marshall and Kavya Kaushik formed the panel, chaired by Miranda Green, to look at the polling and give us their take on Generation Y, and to ask particularly why, if they really are a liberal generation, they do not appear to be enthusiastically supporting the Liberal Democrats.

You can see a video of the event here:

And you can download the handout of the polling here (pdf).

Further reading

  • The Economist covered the issue here and here in 2013 (referred to by Paul Marshall in the event).
  • Demos and IpsosMori produced a report called Generation Strains looking at changing attitudes to welfare over the generations, which can be found here (pdf).
  • The British Social Attitudes surveys have a range of data, some of which was referred to in the event.

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