Advisory Council

Liberal Reform has set up an Advisory Council representing a broad group of campaigners and policy experts to advise the elected Board and help ensure our broad Liberal heritage is represented in the party.

The following prominent Liberal Democrats are on the council –

Norman Lamb MP

Jeremy Browne

Baroness Jenny Randerson

David Laws

Julian Astle

Baroness Kishwer Falkner

Since Liberal Reform was formed a few years ago it has become clear that there is a real appetite in the party for balanced four-cornered Liberalism — personal, political, social and economic — and that all of these elements are needed for us to rebuild the party as a radical, progressive force.

We agree with Tim Farron in his article that “Our country needs a party to speak up for decent, centre-ground politics, offering hope and change as well as economic credibility” and that the election of Jeremy Corbyn means a huge swathe of decent, centrist, progressive voters are now open to hearing the Liberal Democrat message.

We also intend to identify a number of policy areas where we are seeking to develop radical policies.