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Liberal Reform exists within the Liberal Democrats to promote personal liberty and a fair society supported by free, open and competitive markets as the foundation of the party’s policy. Find out more here.

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Spring Conference Briefing: York 2019

It’s that time of year again; this weekend the Liberal Democrats head to York for Spring Conference. As Brexit continues to dominate the headlines, Conference presents an opportunity for the party to re-assert itself as the only credible UK-wide party in favour of a People’s Vote. As ever, Liberal Reform will have a comprehensive presence […]

IWD 2019: Interview With Aria Babu and Ruby Chow

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019, Liberal Reform sat down with two of our board members, Aria Babu and Ruby Chow, to discuss liberalism, the Liberal Democrats, and gender equality… Liberal Reform: What does liberalism mean to you? Aria Babu: Liberalism is difficult to pinpoint. It fades in and out of popularity so at any […]

Coalition Review: Education

By Daniel Carr, @danmcarr Education policy matters a great deal to our party. Our commitment to empowering people to thrive and take ownership of their lives demands that we think seriously as to how our education system can enable this. As education is also a key way in which social mobility can be promoted, liberals […]


Our funding comes from volunteers - we use it to help spread the cause of liberalism, through fringe events, campaigning, research and producing publications.