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Liberal Reform exists within the Liberal Democrats to promote personal liberty and a fair society supported by free, open and competitive markets as the foundation of the party’s policy. Find out more here.

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Challenges to achieving “net-zero” greenhouse gas emissions

By Robert Johnston @robertj55 In a recent piece for Liberal Democrat Voice I argued for the adoption of a Carbon Tax or other robust carbon pricing measure to tackle climate change. While referencing the strong case made by economists for this, the article stressed the challenges that would remain in the technical, engineering and political […]

Coalition Review: Electoral Reform

By Robert Johnston @robertj55 If one position unites the spectrum of opinion of the Liberal Democrats it is the need for a proportional representation election system with a special focus on the House of Commons. There are wider considerations for electoral reform; ranging across the House of Lords, devolved government to the tiers of local […]

Thinking Forwards With Europe: What Our Priorities Should Be For The EU Elections

By Callum Robertson, @Callum4Clacton It seems evident that we will want to focus on keeping Britain within the EU and fighting for an “Exit from Brexit” in the EU elections that seem almost certain to take place. However, this cannot be the sole reason we fight these elections. The elections are an opportunity to sell […]


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