About Liberal Reform

Liberal Reform exists within the Liberal Democrats to bring together members and campaigners committed to “four-cornered freedom” – personal, political, social and economic.

We aim to propose policy in keeping with the party’s liberal heritage and argue for free people and free trade. Through active debate, policy initiatives, and broad campaigning, we seek to foster an understanding of the party’s heritage and philosophy.

Although the Liberal Democrats remain the only truly liberal party in the United Kingdom, maintaining our position as the party of personal freedom is not guaranteed.

We believe in extending opportunity to all, in devolving power to the lowest level, in giving people control of their own lives, and in freedom itself as a force for good.

We want a fair tax system which rewards hard work and entrepreneurship, that punishes social harms, and that places the greatest burden on the broadest shoulders. But taxation, while necessary, is a significant reduction of individual freedom and as such should be kept as low as is possible while maintaining well-funded public services and a compassionate social security system.

We seek the widest possible participation of Party members in the running of the Party and the determination of Party policies.

Liberal Reform supports and endorses no political party other than the Liberal Democrats, and favours no relationship with any party over another.


Our funding comes from volunteers - we use it to help spread the cause of liberalism, through fringe events, campaigning, research and producing publications.